• (12/1/19) The final exam is scheduled on Tuesday December 10, 12pm--2pm (two-hour final). Refer to the "Exams" link for the material and exam rules. 

• (11/27/19) Homework 5 is posted under the "Homework assignments" page.

• (9/26/19) Welcome to STAT 5-02! This website will be used for essentially all course information (schedule of classes and notes, homework assignments, exams, etc.). The Canvas webpage will be used only to record exam scores. 



Instructor and Teaching Assistants

Instructor: Athanasios Kottas (Office: E2 523; Email:

TAs: Allan Brewer (, Jacob Fontana (, Mydoris Soto (, Rene Gutierrez (


Lectures, Discussion Sections, Office Hours

Instructor Office Hours: Monday 1pm--2pm, Thursday 4pm--5pm (Engineering 2, Room 280)

Please note that conference room E2 280 is one of the rooms used for DRC tests, and it may not be available for some days in the quarter. If so, office hours will be held in the instructor's office, E2 523. Also, note that food/drinks is not allowed in E2 280. 

TA Office Hours

Allan Brewer: Tuesday, Thursday 12pm--1pm (Baskin Engineering 118)

Jacob Fontana: Monday, Wednesday 3pm--4pm (Baskin Engineering 118) 

Rene Gutierrez: Monday, Friday 8am--9am (Baskin Engineering 118)

Mydoris Soto: Tuesday, Friday 2pm--3pm (Baskin Engineering 118)


Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 9:50am--11:25am (Thim Lecture 003)

Discussion Sections: 

Section 02A: Monday 4:00pm--5:05pm (N. Sci Annex 101); TA: Allan Brewer

Section 02B: Wednesday 8:00am--9:05am (N. Sci Annex 101); TA: Mydoris Soto

Section 02C: Thursday 5:20pm--6:25pm (N. Sci Annex 101); TA: Jacob Fontana

Section 02D: Thursday 6:40pm--7:45pm (N. Sci Annex 101); TA: Rene Gutierrez

Section 02E: Wednesday 1:20pm--2:25pm (Porter Acad 148); TA: Jacob Fontana

Section 02F: Friday 4:00pm--5:05pm (Porter Acad 148); TA: Mydoris Soto